Daniel Garcia

I am an architecture student from Spain and SKOPE's program was one of the most special and gratifying experiences I have ever had. What I liked the most was the attention I received from arrival to my departure to Madrid. They took care of everything and allowed me to meet people from other parts of the world. SKOPE is different from other agencies because they offer an experience that goes beyond studying a language or visiting a new city. They know how to combine leisure, culture, education, friendship and knowledge that goes beyond a simple course abroad. I also went on weekend trips which i consider mandatory for an unforgettable experience. I climbed the Rockefeller Center, navigated the Hudson river around the Statue of Liberty and visited Frontenac castle, amongst other things. Better than reading my review is to visit Toronto in person.

Daniel Garcia English and Architecture

Heloneida da Gama

It was the best investment of my life. Getting to know a country that is so multicultural was fantastic. I want to thank SKOPE for allowing me to make new friends, for find me a wonderful homestay, and for being so polite and concerned with my well being. Those 30 days were intense, loaded with school e so many fun activities. I left Canada wanting to return.

Heloneida da Gama Intensive English
Mayra Ramirez

This was a wonderful program which helped to improve my English, experience a new culture and learn about new technologies in use by civil engineers in Toronto, allowing me to bring these new ideas and techniques to my home country.

Mayra Ramirez English and Engineering
Tahis Iocca

Our course lasted only a month, but it was enough to live amazing experiences, know fantastic places and make unforgettable friendships. I already miss everyone, but I will not say goodbye, just see you soon, for surely there will be reunions! Yesterday Canada and New York, tomorrow the world! Yes, I became a citizen of the world!

Tahis Iocca English and Law
Kathia Almeida

Saying goodbye is never easy and I can never get the hang of it. Despite the cultural differences i grew found of my new Canadian friends. Alicia Bermejo, my host mom, I will miss you a lot! You are amazing and I will never forget our late night chats and all the valuable advices you gave me.

Kathia Almeida English and Architecture
Daniela Torres

First and last day! Guys, it was very nice to welcome you, enjoy time and learn with you! This July was one of the most intense and now we have only good things to say! Good luck! Good trip! And I hope to meet you again!

Daniela Torres Intensive English
Douglas Del Ry

My experience in Canada was incredible: i studied, learned about a new culture, made new friends, experienced a new city and improved my fluency in English. The program and school are both excellent and the teachers are very helpful. My homestay was incredible. SKOPE offered me all the assistance I needed. No doubt an amazing life experience.

Douglas Del Ry Intensive English
Cilei Ribeiro

It is super easy to find your way around Montreal. People are kind and polite, practice sports, run through parks, walk, practice yoga and martial arts. There are beautiful parks in Montreal. It is really worth enrolling in a course through SKOPE. Back home it would have taken years to learn what I learned in only 4 weeks in Canada.

Cilei Ribeiro Intensive French
Juiz Rodrigo Furlan

It's important to come and get to know the judicial system in Toronto and in Canada, both local and Federal justice, in order to see which ideas can be adopted back in our countries, in order to improve our own justice system.

Juiz Rodrigo Furlan English and Law
Luciana Caffe

An indescribable experience! Toronto is lovely with its beautiful parks and monuments. Impossible not to mention SKOPE. My angel guards in Toronto! They were more than important and made all the difference, starting with my airport reception, and with the continuous attention, support and hints and caring during the entire time I was in Canada.

Luciana Caffe Intensive English
Maria Alcinete Roos

When I decided to send my son to Canada, I chose SKOPE and it was excellent. They took care of everything and made it so easy for us. The support we received from SKOPE was spetacular and my son had an easy time adapting to everything. He went on amazing trips and had an amazing time.

Maria Alcinete Roos Student's mom
Carolina Araújo

I still cannot put in words what this trip meant to me. All the places I've seen, the people I met, all the emotions I experienced, what i lived, i will keep in my heart forever, knowing that one day I will live it all again. Thank you, guys!

Carolina Araújo English and Architecture
Daniel Prado

My 3 month long program in Toronto was unique because i was able to improve my English, make new friends and visit so many places. The city is incredible! I will come back for a postgraduate program. SKOPE gave me all the necessary support, in a reliable and professional way. I recommend the experience!

Daniel Prado English and College
Laura Herrera

It's important for an engineer to study in Toronto to learn how his profession works in a different country. I liked so many places in Canadá: museus, Niagara Falls and Montreal, amongst many others. This trip was unforgettable.

Laura Herrera English and Engineering
Karen Reyes

It's very important to travel, get to know other countries and cultures and to see how professionals work abroad, so that we can see, learn and choose what to bring home. It's hard to choose what I enjoyed the most because I loved the sum of everything, which was so great at a personal level and so useful for my career.

Karen Reyes English and Business