Terms and conditions

Services offered by SKOPE Educational Travel are governed by the following terms:


Fees paid to SKOPE include English classes for the contracted period, teaching materials (excluding books), certificates, extra class activities, registration fee and optional services such as airport pickup, visa application and weekend trips.

3. Payment must be made up to 30 days before the start of the course and the registration form completed and signed must be accompanied by payment of at least 30% of the total contract value. The balance can be paid in up to 9 installments in the international Visa card or MasterCard. 

4. Registration will be effective upon the first downpayment. Registration forms which are not accompanied by the first payment within 5 working days after delivery of the registration form will be  automatically canceled without refund of the registration fee.

5. The language program will start on the date indicated on your contract. SKOPE does not offer replacement for classes missed due to tests, excursions, first day orientation or other obligations that fall outside the regular schedule or classes canceled due to Provincial or Federal holidays. All start dates announced for the courses fall on Monday. If Monday is a public holiday, the start date will be the next business day. Classes cancelled due to public holidays will not be resumed at a later date.

6. For any change request after the effectuation of registration, an administrative fee of $ 100 CD will be charged in addition to any fines imposed by the school, homestay, insurance, airlines and other service providers. If the contractor is unable to attend the course and is able to prove it, SKOPE can book the course registration and lodging for a period not exceeding 12 months from the date of commencement of the already contracted program.



7. The Contractor is obliged to provide the service as described on the contract.

8. In addition to the services specified in the previous clause, the SKOPE is also obliged to:

a) To provide enrollment of the student in the Language school, and the School is responsible for the acceptance of the student and any subsequent cancellation. SKOPE will have no responsibility for the denial of registration or subsequent cancellation of the course by the school

b) Inform the student the necessary documents for completion of enrollment in the language school;

c) Provide and assist the student in filling registration forms;

d) Advise the student on the hiring of health insurance among the options presented by SKOPE;

e) Report the need to obtain a passport and visa to the country chosen by the student for the language program;

f) Make the booking of accommodation and inform the booking confirmation to the student before the start of the course; and

g) To intermediate, if requested by the student, the airfare acquisition being the contractor aware that SKOPE has no responsibility to air transport.



9. STUDENT'S responsibilities include:

a) To pay SKOPE the amounts agreed upon registration, in accordance to the payment terms offered by SKOPE;

b) Get a passport and visa to enter the country chosen to participate in the Program;

c) To participate in at least 75% of classes in order to ensure receipt of the certificates;

d) To comply with the laws and standards of conduct in the destination country, as well as the standards set by contracted school.

e) Attend regular classes, and justify absences in the course. The international school and the immigration department can cancel the visa for students missing more than 25% of classes without a plausible justification, in this case, cancellation can be maid without reimbursement of amounts paid.

f) notify, in writting, about any complaint about issues with services intermediated by SKOPE and its partners / service providers, or any other abnormality occurred during the participant's stay during the program. Notifications should be made by email and sent up to 24 hours after the identification of the problem, to info@skope.ca so that the necessary corrective measures are taken in time. If this is not done, it will be the participant and their parents renouncing the right to any further claims.

g) notify, in writting, of any changes in the program originally contracted or extension thereof made directly in the school office during the course. The omission of this information nullifies the continuity of the original contract.

h) properly inform arrival and departure for hosting scheduling and transfer when these services are contracted

i) to carry with it the amount of money recommended by the country's immigration and proper personal documentation. Immigration from the documents that immigration officers may ask are:

A/ Passport with appropriate visas (transit, tourism, study, etc.);

B. Documentation relating to the program and accommodation;

C. Flights (round trip)

10. Neither SKOPE nor its international partners are responsible for problems that the student may have in immigration, neither can be held liable for problems caused by negligence, imprudence or inexperience of the student during the program, the latter being responsible for the acts and attitudes which go against guidelines provided by SKOPE and its partners.


11. The STUDENT must request the cancellation form by email ( info@skope.ca ), fill it and submit it to the same email. An administrative fee of CD$ 300 will not be refundable in any of the cases below. The cancellation policy will be:

a) Cancellation requested 30 days before the start of the program: full refund

b) Cancellation requested 30 DAYS OR LESS before the start of the program: a penalty of 30% of the course and accommodation. Health insurance and optional travel can not be canceled, so the contractor not using the above services, agree to partial or total loss of fees paid towards those services.

c) Cancellations after the start of the course: There will be no refund of the fees, travel, insurance, travel, transfer or hosting after the start date.

d) Cancellation of visa denied: Upon confirmation of denied visa, the Contractor shall be entitled to reimbursement.

12. Delays in arrival due to unforeseen personal, professional, immigration or displacement are the STUDENT's responsibility and are not refundable.

13. The deadline for refund is up to 8 weeks after receipt of the cancellation form. This period may be longer as the refund depends on contracted school.


14. Any request, complaint must be made in writing to SKOPE through the email info@skope.ca. There will be no liability for verbal agreements or agreements not formalized in writing.

15. Changes or modifications to the contract will be made through contractual addendums that will be attached to the contract, and will be charged a fee CD $ 100 added to the values ​​in the item of contractual fines.