Health insurance


Did you know the cost of medical care abroad can be extremely high?

Hospital charges could add up to millions per day. Without an insurance, you and your family would be responsible for paying such costs which could lead you to a financial disaster. Some hospitals may even reject patients who do not carry health insurance.

Do not give bad luck a chance.

Illnesses and accidents could happen at any time. Take care of your health and sign up for an international student health plan with medical and hospital coverage. Even immigration agencies require (or recommend in some cases) that international students have health coverage before they enter the country.

SKOPE offers one of the most cost efficient health plans, to ensure you are protected during your stay abroad.


Our course lasted only a month, but it was enough to live amazing experiences, know fantastic places and make unforgettable friendships. I already miss everyone, but I will not say goodbye, just see you soon

Tahis Iocca