Airport pickup

Airport pickup is ideal for those traveling long distances, carrying luggage, arriving late, unfamiliar with the local language and cultura or simply not wanting to risk taking the wrong transportation and getting lost upon arrival. With airport pickup a professional driver will be hired to drive to the airport with the specific purpose of welcoming you. They will hold a sign with your name on it and will be waiting for you on arrival. They will drive you to your final destination, whether it is a homestay, hotel or residence and will notify SKOPE that you have arrived.This is our way to ensure your arrival is comfortable and safe and you start your trip with the right foot.

Saying goodbye is never easy and I can never get the hang of it. Despite the cultural differences i grew found of my new Canadian friends. Alicia Bermejo, my host mom, I will miss you a lot! You are amazing and I will never forget our late night

Kathia Almeida