A major concern for those heading abroad is to choose the right type of accommodation. Options range from couch surfing to hostels and student residences. By far, the most popular is homestay for single young and adult travelers and couples.

There are many advantages in this type of accommodation, especially low cost, safety, access to services and the love and support from a host family.

Despite the need to having to compromise and adapt to house rules, staying with a family also means you are being thrown heads first into a linguistic and cultural universe completely different from yours. It is an amazing opportunity to learn what no language teacher will ever teach you.

The process of selecting a homestay is detailed and includes visits e interviews by our team, to ensure each family meets all of our criteria and your stay will be safe and pleasant.

During the visits we evaluate safety, privacy, location, access to internet, family structure, etc. Each family files a report containing information which will help us match their profile with yours.

Our students also have the opportunity to inform us about their preferences, personality type (communicative, shy), food allergies and all other types of special needs.

Homestays are located between 40-50 minutes from your school, by public transportation. It could also happen that you get a homestay only minutes away from your school.

Pricing: homestay in a single room, with breakfast, lunch and dinner, access to internet, laundry, bed linen and towels, for a period of 4 weeks run at around CD$750 (approximately CD$

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